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Paulistana, formada em Artes Plticas pela FAAP com Pós Graduação em História, Rosa Pinczowski redescobre a cerâmica na década de 90 depois de anos se dedicando ao desenho, a gravura em metal e a carreira acadêmica.
Seduced by creation, she develops pieces with unique designs, based on her references in engraving, after years of learning at the hands of masters such as Evandro Carlos Jardim, Amélia Toledo, Ubirajara Ribeiro, Carlos Fajardo and Regina Silveira.

In the exchange of support, from paper to ceramics, she opens Studio RosaPinc to dedicate herself to the countless possibilities that this material offers. The main characteristic of her work is to use a contemporary language combined with artisanal work, with original designs that are almost never repeated, creating unique and exclusive pieces.

Each piece is turned and engraved by hand, one by one and fired at a high temperature.

Her work has reached the world, through exhibitions in Europe, United States and is recognized by great names in design and architecture, being present in many projects by architect Arthur Casas (such as the KAÁ restaurant, winner of the 2010 Wallpaper Design Award as the most in the world), Natura store in Paris, Shopping Cidade Jardim, among others.

Rosa also develops special projects of exclusive pieces with partners such as the dishes of the restaurant Dalva & Said by chef Alex Atala, lamps for the Dominici store, tables for Decamerom, Girona Design, among others.