• Lighting
    Unique lighting for unique environments. A presence of harmony and comfort. Special line of pendants and lampshades with domes of different sizes and shapes, made with handmade high quality fabrics (different patterns are available for choice).
  • Furniture
    Development of tables, side buffets and garden seats. Partnerships with: ToraBrasil, Decameron, Girona Design, Arthur Casas, Casual Móveis and Dpot.
  • Deluxe
    All in pure Bianco (white) and Nero (black), with special glazes for special pieces.
  • Abajur Pinc
  • RosaPinc + Tora Brasil
    metrópolis lamps collection | blown crystal + porcelain
  • Garden
    Design for exterior and interior areas. Vessels in exclusive formats and in different sizes, pipes, garden seats, cachepots and cachepots for orchids. This line includes a universe of shapes, textures and accessories.
  • RosaPincbis
    In 2009, in honor of the centennial birth of Carmen Miranda, one of the main icons of Brazil´s national culture, a special series was created, inspired by this remarkable artist. “Mamãe eu quero!” is the name of the collection of objects: large and small milk bottles, mugs and a plate for cake with an expression […]
  • Plates
    DeLuxe series of plates developed exclusively for restaurants such as Dalva&Dito and D.O.M, of the well known chefs Alex Atala and Alain Polleto. Also collectable and decorative plates are developed and available.